Cleaning Products & Equipment

For Commercial, Education, Healthcare & Industrial Facilities

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Air Purification

Puradigm® offers a system of active air and surface purification products for your commercial & residential applications. University tested and validated for safety and effectiveness.

Sanosil International is an innovative, eco-minded company providing powerful solutions for broad-spectrum disinfection and microbiological control.
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When EnvirOx was founded in 1995 it had the mission of developing cleaning products that would reduce toxicity and packaging in just one powerful bottle. After extensive testing and retesting, the EnvirOx research team found that oxygen was the answer and hydrogen peroxide was the vehicle. The result was one, low toxicity product that performed all general cleaning tasks using various dilution rates.
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Halo Disinfection System

Now you can arm every member of your infection prevention team with an affordable and effective environment protection solution. Treat any room in your facility with a system proven to kill disease-causing pathogens, including the most difficult to kill, C. diff spores.
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Get your bathrooms hygienically and sparkly cleaned with Kaivac No-Touch(R) Cleaning Systems -- with less labor, equipment and chemicals. It combines automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum into one system.
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Mopping/Microfiber Equipment

Filmop is an Italian company, with a U.S. facility, that has changed the world of professional cleaning with innovations such as the double bucket system that separates the cleaning solution from rinse water; ergonomically designed equipment that improves working conditions; and lightweight microfiber mops and pads that are user friendly.
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Cleaning Equipment & Vacuums

CleanMax Cadet Vacuums by Tacony Corporation feature a Clean Air System design for fan protection, motor protection and HEPA filtration to capture 99.97% of airborne particles.
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Floor Care

You can probably trust a floor are system that is used at Walt Disney World, JFK International Airport and the world over. The IDP Labs floor care system delivers advanced floor care on most surfaces, reduces maintenance costs, saves time and labor, and creates an environmentally safe environment with no VOCs.
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Gasoline/Oil Clean Up

BioRem 2000 products uses bioremediation, which is a “green” technology and a natural process that uses microbes and enzymes to transform hydrocarbons from fuels and oils into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water. Bioremediation eliminates hydrocarbon contamination faster and better than traditional methods, at significantly lower costs and within regulatory guidelines.
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Hand Sanitizers and Soap

We carry Best Sanitizers Inc.'s complete hand sanitizing program. The Healthy Office Program is a 4-step method to dramatically reduce germs in the workplace. It includes a hand sanitizer, dispenser, surface wipes and spray disinfectant, and employee educational materials, such as posters.
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Paper Products

The von Drehle Corp. is not only one of the industry's best resource for towel and tissue products, dispensers and cloth-like wipers, it also is committed to producing environmentally responsible paper products. The company uses recycled fiber and minimizes waste and pollution during manufacturing, conserving natural resources. Learn More »