Mopping/Microfiber Equipment

Put Excellence in Their Hands

When you see "Made in Italy," you associate that product with quality and craftsmanship. Filmop is an Italian company, with a U.S. facility, that has changed the world of professional cleaning with innovations such as the double bucket system that separates the cleaning solution from rinse water; ergonomically designed equipment that improves working conditions; and lightweight microfiber mops and pads that are user friendly. As you know, the highest cost of cleaning is the person holding the handle, both in labor costs and worker’s compensation claims. Finding tools that improve efficiencies and enhance ergonomics is key. Filmop has a catalog of more than 4,000 products, and we're showcasing four of our top-sellers.

Top Sellers:

  • Effortless Glass Cleaning Kit
  • Fred Double Bucket System
  • Maxi Jolly with Division Plate and Wringer
  • Line of Good, Better & Best Mops