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Questions & Answers

Do green cleaning products really work?

Yes. By stabilizing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with orange oil, surfactants and water, low-toxicity cleaning products are just as effective as conventional ones. EnvirOx’s H₂Orange₂ Concentrate 117® multi-purpose cleaner-sanitizer.

Are green cleaning products cost-effective?

Yes. They tend to be useful for multiple applications, whereas conventional products are good for a specific task, such as carpet spot removal, glass cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Although conventional cleaners may appear less expensive than environmentally-friendly alternatives, they are actually more costly because of the need to have multiple products on-hand, as well as pay workers’ compensation costs associated with over-exposure to, and mis-application of, toxic chemicals.

What are the advantages of using a green cleaning solution?

It is safe and simple, and will not damage cleaning surfaces if the wrong amount of solution is used. It also does not induce headaches, which increases productivity of custodial staff, and of the individuals who work in the building during regular business hours.

What are the environmental benefits of green cleaning solutions?

Green cleaning solutions evaporate into the atmosphere and are biodegradable, so they don’t have adverse effects on air quality and water supply, as do many aerosols and conventional cleaning fluids.

Why should I call Erzen for green cleaning products?

Because we are the Tri-State area’s leader in promoting low-toxicity, green cleaning products and solutions. We have used and tested all of the products we sell, which enables us to educate our customers and promote safer alternatives for cleaning applications. If an environmentally friendly alternative is not available, we’ll recommend conventional options.