When EnvirOx was founded in 1995 it had the mission of developing cleaning products that would reduce toxicity and packaging in just one powerful bottle. After extensive testing and retesting, the EnvirOx research team found that oxygen was the answer and hydrogen peroxide was the vehicle. The result was one, low toxicity product that performed all general cleaning tasks using various dilution rates. H₂Orange₂ Concentrate 117 was born -- the first hydrogen peroxide-based multi-purpose cleaner to obtain Green Seal certification.

The patented formulation of H₂Orange₂ Concentrate 117 has been imitated but never replicated. It remains the environmentally preferred cleaner of choice for thousands of schools, sports arenas, healthcare facilities, office buildings, national landmarks and government offices.

In addition to the core product of H₂Orange₂ Concentrate 117, EnvirOx offers nine other environmentally preferred cleaning products for specialty cleaning needs. From sanitizers to carpet cleaners to mineral removal, EnvirOx offers technologies that provide you with a safe cleaning solution. Follow the links to the left to explore all of EnvirOx products.

What makes EnvirOx products so special?