Gasoline/Oil Clean Up

Bioremediation: The Natural Alternative to Harsh, Caustic Cleaners

BioRem 2000 products uses bioremediation, which is a “green” technology and a natural process that uses microbes and enzymes to transform hydrocarbons from fuels and oils into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water. Bioremediation eliminates hydrocarbon contamination faster and better than traditional methods, at significantly lower costs and within regulatory guidelines.

The features of benefits of BioRem 2000 Surfaces Cleaners are:

  • Ground-breaking Microbe Technology remediates hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide.
  • Eliminates 100% of disposal costs.
  • Replaces granular absorbents, socks, pads and caustic degreasers.
  • Easily applied with mops, auto floor scrubbers and degreasing equipment.
  • Excellent rinse ability, dries quickly and removes all oily, slick film leaving a non-slip surface.
  • NSF-approved A-1, A-4 class; biodegradable with a pH of 7.
  • Safe to use on any water-safe surface, including metal, concrete, plastic and rubber.
  • Disposable in waste sewer drains whether or not facilities are private or public municipal pre-treatment plants.
  • Listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan (”NCP”) as a bioremediation agent.
  • Non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is completely harmless to human, plant, animal and marine life.
  • Compatible with oil/water separators, skimming units, evaporators, polymers and more.

BioRem 2000 Surface Cleaner has a pH of 7 and does not have any odor or contain any corrosives or butyls. It prevents slip-and fall accidents, which are 30% of all workplace accidents, by removing the oily film and leaving surfaces dry and oil-free. BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner significantly reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite, eliminating the VOC's and LEL's which are inert on contact.

Uses & Applications

  • Mopping
  • Auto Floor Scrubbers
  • Degreasing
  • Oil/Water Separators
  • Soil Remediation
  • Fuel Remediation

Dilution Solutions

BioRem 2000 Surface Cleaner is highly concentrated and works best when properly diluted. We offer a variety of proportioner systems for drums and totes. The drum proportioner automatically mixes water with Biorem 2000 Surface Cleaner precisely to the prescribed ratio and is capable of being wall mounted. The tote dispensing system is designed for quick dispensing in high volume environments. The diluted solution can be dispensed into any container (auto scrubber, mop bucket, buddy jugs, ect)

Hydrocarbon Degrade Chart

Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene, Fuel Oils, Jet Fuel, Animal Oils, Motor Oils, Anti-Freeze, Skydrol, Lubricating Oil, Grease/Tars, Vegetable Oils, Hydraulic, Cutting Fluids, Glycols, Carbon Black, ATF.